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Five Quick Tips: Fix Your Business or You — What Comes First?

If you’ve never shared your shop’s goals and purpose with your people they will never know how to get on your northbound train

The strongest recurring theme when I talk to top shop operators is that every business needs a clear goal or purpose. They say that you can only achieve your goals when you have a clear vision/purpose and know what needs to be done to achieve them. And your people need to know. If you’ve never shared your purpose with your people they will never know how to get on your northbound train.

Carm Capriotto, Remarkable Results Radio

Many businesses that struggle to become self-sustaining suffer from a lack of purpose and leadership at the top. There is nothing wrong with accepting that reality and learn what needs to be done to change and improve. So many struggling businesses lack an open-minded CEO.

Fix YOU first, your business second. If you want to be successful there are a few things that need to happen.

1. You have to get rid of any limiting beliefs or thoughts that you can accept direction from a peer or coach.

2. Stop being untouchable. Be vulnerable, open up to be a perpetual student.

3. Get rid of any toxic people in your business. No downers need to apply.

4. Be proud of yourself and take care of yourself. You’ve invested your money, and time into starting and sustaining your business. It should earn you a great living. Open up on how to make that happen. Your business is not your hobby.

5. Start reading every day and learning one new thing to bolster your leadership role.

Ego gets a lot of the blame for stubbornness and for creating a business that struggles to survive. Capriotto’s episode on busting ego with Chris Cloutier, “Ego is the Enemy,” can be found here.

Carm Capriotto is the founder and host of the podcast, Remarkable Results Radio, which interviews aftermarket leaders in the service sector, from shop owners to trainers, business coaches and aftermarket experts. He can be reached at

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