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BASF releases new tool to strengthen shop presence in changing OEM market

Southfield, Mich.—BASF Refinish has released a new OEM Sales Toolbox to guide body shops through the process of building a solid strategy that aligns with the growing OEM influence in the industry.

The new tool will leverage vehicle registration information to help shops estimate the market potential of various OEM collision programs in their market. It will also ensure that businesses stay up to date on processes, procedures and tools specific to each manufacturer, offering customers peace of mind that their vehicles are always being repaired according to OEM standards of quality and safety.

“BASF’s strong relationships with all major OEMs combined with our data analysis capabilities allowed us to create the OEM Toolbox,” said Jeff Wildman, OEM Manager for BASF Refinish. “BASF reps now have a customizable tool to help collision centers navigate their OEM program opportunities.”

Collision centers will collaborate with their BASF representative and local distributor to create a customized market analysis, designed for each individual shop. They will then be guided through a business analysis process to develop recommendations based on the shop’s current readiness. This recommendation is specific to each collision center and includes OEM program opportunities and enrollment information, tools, equipment or training required for the program. Shop owners will also be able to gauge how the money invested in these programs will pay off.

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