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CIC video interviews survivors of collision repair-related crash and impact repairs have on consumers

Las Vegas—The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) recently examined the impact of collision repair decisions on the consumer. CIC Chairman Jeff Peevy made good on his promise to fill the “empty chair” that represented the consumer during the 2019 CIC meetings in Las Vegas.

Peevy and his wife, Marie, interviewed Marcia and Matthew Seebachan, owners of the Honda Fit that was involved in a December 2013 crash and the subject of the Seebachan v. John Eagle Collision Center case. The couple from Murphy, Texas, suffered burns and serious injuries as a result of repair decisions that left the car structurally unsound during the subsequent accident. This interview focuses strictly on the human impact of poor repair decisions, and
not on the companies or individuals involved in the court case, Peevy said.

CIC is a forum made up of participants from all industry segments for the expressed purpose of discussing and exploring the issues that occur among them. Through discussion and research during meetings and extensive interim committee work, CIC attempts to form consensus on various issues, aware that all such findings are nonbinding and voluntarily accepted. CIC is not a trade association.

The meetings are open to all interested individuals of all segments of the industry to include repairers, insurers, paint and material companies, equipment, vehicle manufacturers, data providers, representatives of trade associations, anyone with an interest in creating a more professional industry. Each agenda has time set aside for participants to publicly address their concerns that are not on the published agenda through the time set aside as “open microphone”. For more information about future CIC meetings, visit

This video was captured and produced by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) at the request of the CIC Chairman.

CIC’s videos can be followed at videos@SCRSCollision

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