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Premium Guard launches 12,000-mile engine air filters

HIGHFLOW Premium Air Filters trap two times the contaminants while maintaining 99% efficiency

New York—Premium Guard Inc. has launched a new premium engine air filter solution for light duty vehicles. HIGHFLOW Premium Air Filters delivers an enhanced product offering to the rapidly expanding market for premium air filtration products.

The filters feature a media engineered to allow greater airflow into the engine’s intake manifold without sacrificing the efficiency critical to protecting internal engine components. The filters pair a high-flowing media with a light coating of oil, enabling the filter to trap two times the contaminants while maintaining 99% efficiency, according to the company.

HIGHFLOW’s pre-oiled filters are sealed in a plastic bag and are ready to install out of the box. The product is designed for high-flow, high-capacity performance for 12,000 miles. 

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