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Auto repair shops will recover, though they will face cash-flow problems

One way to fix a cash-flow problem is to finance accounts receivable. This solution provides many of the benefits shop owners would normally realize from quick payments, without requiring insurance companies or organizations to pay more quickly.

‘I never had to look for opportunity, opportunity always found me’

"I’m thinking she’s undercover from BAR or something and they want to write me up because I didn’t write a repair order for her. It turns out she’s a headhunter for ad agencies."

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

I’m 77 years old, have been an auto mechanic for 60-plus years and ran my garage for 44 years in downtown San Francisco. During that time, seven things occurred that caused business to slow to a crawl, though none as severe as this one.

The paradigm of auto shop sales needs to change

“Customers want to believe that an estimator cares about their problems and needs. They want to know that someone is explaining and educating, not selling.”

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