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Dealerships nationwide adopt new supply chain strategy

One of the notable shifts includes the integration of Mighty Auto Parts franchises into their operations

Peachtree Corners, Ga.—A significant trend is emerging in the automotive dealership industry, with a growing number of car dealerships nationwide adopting new supply chain strategies. One of the notable shifts includes the integration of Mighty Auto Parts franchises into their operations.

The industry is witnessing a movement toward consolidating vendors and taking greater control over supply chains, an approach that simplifies procurement processes and establishes a more efficient supply chain management system. The change is about efficiency and reflects a broader adaptation trend within the automotive sector.

Josh D’Agostino, President and CEO of Mighty, commented on the industry shift. “We are observing a notable shift in how dealerships manage their supply chains. Our role is to support this industry’s evolution, providing resources and expertise to facilitate this transition.”

Lou Fusz Automotive in the St. Louis-metro area announced this week that it launched its second Mighty Auto Parts franchise. By centralizing its sourcing through Mighty Auto Parts, Lou Fusz dealerships says it can gain the advantage of increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and simplified inventory management.

“Mighty Auto Parts has simplified our procurement of chemicals, supplies, and maintenance parts by consolidating our many vendors to one. It’s truly a one-stop shop,” said Josh Rosenthal, Parts Operations Director at Lou Fusz Automotive Network. “Mighty Auto Parts has made our dealership group more efficient by stocking our shelves with what we need, when we need it. We don’t have to wait for an item to complete a vehicle.”

Adam Gaedke, Chief Operating Officer of Van Horn Automotive Group in Wisconsin, also shared insights into their experience, saying “Our experience with the Mighty dealership program has introduced significant operational changes. It has prompted us to reconsider our approach to stocking parts and managing our supply chain.”

Brian Tatela, Parts Director at Van Horn Automotive Group, added, “Like many in our industry, we are constantly exploring ways to improve efficiency and profitability. Adopting new strategies in procurement has been key to adapting to the changing automotive market.”

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