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Car ADAS announces first licensee in Kansas

The company’s 6,000-square-foot facility features three calibration diagnostics bays, including one that is 60′ by 50′ for “anything that is on the road today”

Merriam, Kan.—Car ADAS Solutions, a provider of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration technology and services, has announced the addition of ADAS Smart, the first licensee in Kansas. Owned by Luke Price, the company’s 6,000-square-foot facility is located in Merriam, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City.

During the grand opening celebration on Nov. 29, Price shared information about calibration to educate attendees. The event also included an after-hours gathering for local businesses, insurers and automotive industry peers to tour the facility.

Price grew up in the body shop industry, helping his father with paintless dent repair and polishing cars. He has owned Hail Network for the past 16 years, traveling worldwide doing hail damage repair. Price was introduced to ADAS while watching somebody try to calibrate his Ford F-150 while doing hail damage repair at a body shop in Minnesota.  

“He worked on my vehicle for over six hours in inclement weather and ultimately couldn’t calibrate it,” recalled Price, who began talking to body shop owners and collision repair experts to find out how to do a calibration.

His research led him to Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions. “I found out that some of my other PDR-related friends were already talking to Greg about opening a calibration facility,” he said.

After looking at various options, Price decided to become a Car ADAS Solutions licensee. “It seemed to me that the only way to do calibration correctly and to be set up for future success in ADAS was to open a dedicated and purpose-built calibration facility,” said Price. “The only person I saw that had really spent the time researching and fine-tuning that process and making that happen was Greg.”

Price said finding the right location to set up a calibration facility can be very time-consuming, especially with the current real estate market. Car ADAS Solutions provided multiple resources to help find a location that met the required parameters to set up his company’s first location. The team also offered to help recruit and train technicians.

“We want to be set up to grow and be prepared for future changes in the industry,” said Price. “As cars and technology become more advanced, we want to keep up with the demand to do a proper calibration.”

Price has worked with the Car ADAS Solutions team over the last year to fully outfit his facility and achieve the correct calibration conditions. This included leveling the floors within 8mm, installing dimmable 5k LED lights, and dedicating a space free of metal objects and obstructions.

“Eliminating variables such as uneven concrete, inadequate lighting, and other obstructions results in a safer, more accurate and OEM-compliant calibration,” he noted. “All the way to the tone of the paint, we have ensured every OEM parameter required is met or exceeded.”

ADAS Smart has three calibration diagnostics bays, including one that is 60′ by 50′ for “anything that is on the road today.” Looking ahead, Price said that industry education will be critical to ensure vehicles are repaired properly.

“Safety is becoming a very important part of auto body repair and a piece to the puzzle that is quite necessary,” he said. “To calibrate vehicles correctly, you have to find trained and educated individuals to make that happen.”

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