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Survey reveals today’s tech demographics, workplaces, pay structures, training prefs and more

Questions answered: What best describes your job? What is your age? What is your industry experience? Did you have vo-tech training? Who pays for training? What training content do you need?

Leesburg, Va.—The ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) recently had its annual conference and shared the latest findings of its training benchmarks survey.

The ATMC training benchmarks survey is conducted annually within the automotive and heavy-duty vehicle service and repair industry. This year’s participation included 3,343 respondents. The survey is designed to establish a series of metrics to help the industry recognize trends, provide a comparison standard and align the offerings of training providers with the needs of training consumers. 

The following are highlights and key takeaways.

What best describes your job in the industry?

What is your age?

What is your industry experience?

How is your pay structured?

Did you have prior vo-tech training?

Who pays for training (by workplace)?

How accessible is training?

What about training delivery methods?

What training content do you need?

How many hours of structure training per year?

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