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AASP/MA to offer vehicle damage appraiser licensing course

Attendees will be well prepared over the 10 week program to pass both part one and part two of the examination to become duly licensed appraisers

Braintree, Mass.—The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts (AASP/MA) has announced it will begin offering a motor vehicle damage appraiser licensing course throughout the state this fall.

On June 25, the Auto Damage Appraisers Licensing Board (ADALB) granted their approval to allow the association to use the course and its materials to prepare students for the Part-I and Part-II portions of the examination for motor vehicle damage appraiser. 

“I am excited about the opportunity for AASP/MA to offer the auto damage appraisers course at locations across the state,” said AASP/MA Executive Director Lucky Papageorg. “Course instructors from the collision repair industry will be able to use first-hand experiences to add to the value of the course materials.”

The course is designed to make attendees well prepared, over the 10 week program, to successfully pass both part one and part two of the examination to become duly licensed auto damage appraisers.

“I’m so pleased we now have the opportunity to offer this course,” said AASP/MA President Kevin Gallerani. “I remember taking my motor vehicle damage appraisers test about 20 years ago; it has always felt as though it was run by the insurance side. Although the curriculum will be the same, I am confident that our instructors will not only do a great job but will also provide a different perspective. It’s great that there is now an option for appraisers to learn from this side of the fence.” 

Rick Starbard of Rick’s Auto Collision in Revere), and former ADALB collision industry representative and longtime member of AASP/MA, added, “It will be good for new appraisers to get this training from the collision side of the industry,” he says. “Most of the people who have taken these courses have been taught by insurance appraisers. No disrespect to them, but they don’t always have the same levels of up-to-date technological training that those in the collision repair industry do. It will be beneficial to the students taking this course to be instructed by those who do this work every day.” 

“A key factor in the benefits of attending a course offered by AASP/MA is students will learn not just the basics of governing regulations, but how they apply to the everyday collision and claims process,” Papageorg stresses. “Our goal is to roll out the course beginning in September. Initially, we intend to offer it in two locations, and we plan to add other sites to make it as convenient as possible for potential attendees.”

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