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Domestic nameplates capture dominant share of DIY market

Domestic nameplates generated nearly $20 billion of DIY product sales at user-price last year, almost 75% of light vehicle DIY volume

Fort Wayne, Ind.—Domestic nameplates hold the dominant share of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product volume, contrary to their declining product strength across the overall aftermarket. Domestic nameplates captured a 75% larger share of the DIY sector last year than they did of the Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) market.

“Foreign nameplates are surging in light truck product share, but they represent less than 30% of the DIY market,” stated Lang Marketing in its most recent report. “The strong performance of domestic nameplates in the DIY market generates about one-third of their light vehicle aftermarket product sales.”

The following are key takeaways from Lang’s analysis.

Domestic Nameplates Dominate the DIY Market
Domestic nameplates have been declining in aftermarket product share for many years. Presently, they represent less than half of total aftermarket product sales. In contrast, domestic nameplates hold a dominant share of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market. Last year, domestic nameplates generated nearly $20 billion of DIY product sales at user-price, almost 75% of light vehicle DIY volume.

DIY Share of Total Aftermarket
Between 2012 and 2019, the DIY share of aftermarket product volume steadily declined, with the DIY sector representing less than one-fifth of 2019 light vehicle product volume at user-price.

The outbreak of COVID-19 boosted Do-It-Yourself volume by over 12% during 2020, as the overall aftermarket suffered a historic product decline. Domestic nameplates generated most of this 2020 DIY product increase.

Foreign Nameplate DIY Volume
Foreign nameplate cars and light trucks continue to create much lower DIY volume than their domestic counterparts. While final results are not yet available, Lang Marketing estimates that domestic nameplates generated nearly three times more 2022 DIY aftermarket product sales as foreign nameplates.

DIY Replacement Parts Market
Domestic nameplate cars and light trucks represent a disproportionate share of DIY replacement parts volume, parts necessary for vehicle operation.

Lang Marketing estimates that domestic nameplates generated over three-quarters of DIY replacement parts sales last year, stronger than their DIY share across all products.

Older Domestic Nameplates and Light Trucks Generate DIY
This results from the above average age of domestic nameplate cars and light trucks on U.S. roads (compared to foreign nameplates) and the domestic nameplates’ large share of light trucks.

DIY repair has increased among the growing number of older vehicles and light trucks, with growing vehicle age being a significant factor boosting the DIY performance of domestic nameplates.

Accessory DIY Market
DIY accessory volume is climbing at a faster pace among foreign nameplates than domestic light vehicles, especially for light trucks. Foreign nameplate cars and light trucks generated a larger portion of the light vehicle accessory DIY volume last year than their overall aftermarket DIY product share.

Chemicals DIY Market
Chemicals have declined moderately in DIY share over the past several years, with foreign nameplates recording an above average share of the DIY chemical market.

DIFM Difference
Lang Marketing estimates that domestic nameplates’ 2022 share of the DIY market was approximately three-quarters greater than their DIFM product share. Foreign nameplates, in contrast, generated a much larger share of last year’s DIFM market, more than twice their DIY market share.

Lang Marketing estimates that the foreign nameplates’ share of the DIY market was less than half of what they recorded in the DIFM sector.

Aftermarket Implications
Products sold in the DIY market, particularly replacement parts, differ from similar sales in the DIFM market in terms of where they are purchased, pricing, and how these products reach end-users.

These differences, and the greater strength of domestic nameplates in the DIY market compared to the DIFM sector, lead to differences in the volume, brands, and outlet share of products used on domestic nameplates compared to foreign nameplates.

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