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MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers congratulates NASTF as it celebrates 23 successful years

NASTF identifies and resolves gaps in service, tool and training information, and also serves to minimize security breaches and vehicle thefts by vetting service professionals

Research Triangle, N.C.—MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers congratulates the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) on its 23rd anniversary and its success in helping ensure security and repair information availability.

NASTF was established in June 2000. Since then, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers has served on its board of directors and supported its mission to identify and resolve gaps in service, tool and training information. It also serves to minimize security breaches and vehicle thefts by vetting service professionals.

“Congratulations to NASTF on 23 valuable years serving our industry. NASTF’s success in developing solutions to ensure repair access and protect vehicle security demonstrates that an industry-wide initiative involving automakers and the aftermarket can work and work well,” said Paul McCarthy, president and CEO, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers. “Collaboration across industry stakeholders can and must address challenges in data, access and security.”

The board is comprised of representatives from automakers, aftermarket trade associations and leaders in diagnostics. Currently, Chris Gardner, SVP, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers, is a member of the NASTF Board of Directors and continues to support NASTF efforts to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between independent auto repair technicians and automakers.

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