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New York introduces auto glass calibration bill

Legislation would establish “standards for glass repair and calibration of advanced driver assistance systems”

New York—A New York State senator introduced auto glass calibration legislation on March 24. The bill, S 8890, has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection.

The legislation would establish “standards for glass repair and calibration of advanced driver assistance systems.”

Under the proposal, as reported by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), a glass “repair facility” performing repair, replacement or calibration on an ADAS-equipped vehicle would be required to inform the consumer if a recalibration was required and that the recalibration would meet the motor vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. AGSC also points out that the glass shop would need to provide the consumer with an itemized description of the work to be done.

Additionally, the shop cannot represent that the work would be done at no cost to the consumer if it is not fully covered by the consumer’s insurance policy, and cannot contract for the work until it has received a claim or referral number for the insurance coverage damage.

Prior to finalizing a contract, the glass shop shall also notify the consumer whether there is an ADAS system, recalibration is required, that it can perform the recalibration in a manner that meets manufacturer’s specifications, and if not capable of performing the recalibration, that the vehicle needs to be taken to facility qualified to do so.

If a recalibration is unsuccessful, the glass company would be required to inform the consumer and the insurance company. The glass company would not be limited to glass, tools, equipment or repair procedures dictated or recommended by the motor vehicle manufacturer to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Violations would be liable for a fine of $2,500 per occurrence.

AGSC notes that all of the provisions of the bill have been considered or enacted by other states where similar auto glass calibration legislation has been proposed in recent years.

Text of the legislation can be found HERE.

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