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PPG adhesion promoter for plastics eliminates need for sealer

Opportunity to increase throughput in a one-coat application

In a time-saving, one-coat application, PPG ONECHOICE ADPRO MAX™ 1K pigmented adhesion promoter provides exceptional adhesion for the topcoat to unprimed bumpers, fascias and other automotive plastics. Since this adhesion promoter is pigmented, there’s no need to apply a sealer, enabling the user to go straight to basecoat application and save on time and materials.

PPG OneChoice AdPro Max adhesion promoter is available in three ready-to-spray colors: white, gray and dark gray. Plus, they can be mixed together to create five different gray shades (G1-G7) to ensure optimal topcoat coverage with excellent color holdout.

The application process for this pigmented adhesion promoter is simple. After following the normal PPG recommended practice for cleaning and preparing a plastic substrate, just one wet coat of this ready-to-spray adhesion promoter is needed. After a quick flash time of five minutes or less under normal operating conditions, the surface is ready for basecoat color.

“By skipping the time it takes to mix, apply and flash off a sealer, it’s possible to save about 20 minutes on every job that requires finishing a plastic substrate,” said Darin Poston, product support specialist for PPG refinish. “So, taking advantage of this one-coat adhesion promoter is a great way to enhance the paint operation’s bottom-line performance.”

For more information about PPG OneChoice AdPro Max adhesion promoter, contact your local PPG distributor or PPG sales representative.

  • Ready to spray
  • 1-coat application
  • Excellent color holdout
  • Dust-free in 5 minutes or less
  • Topcoat as soon as dust-free
  • Go straight to basecoat after application over automotive plastics

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