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The next generation of America’s popular solvent refinish brand

PPG’s Deltron® NXT™ refinish system aims to enhance the color-matching accuracy and process efficiency of the high production paint operation

The Deltron® brand has long been the leading choice for collision centers preferring a premium, solvent-based refinish system. Choosing not to rest on the laurels of this iconic brand, PPG has recently made significant upgrades, incorporating new technologies and product line updates. As such, PPG has created the Deltron® NXT™ brand name for this next generation paint system.

“First, and foremost, of our goals was to further ensure the Deltron® toner system’s ability to match the ever-evolving, sophisticated colors being introduced by OEMs,” explains Angie Staufer, PPG solventborne collision segment manager.

To achieve that color accuracy goal, Staufer says they’ve incorporated 34 new toners into the Deltron® NXT™ system. The latest liquid pearls were added, along with nine Xirallic® and four Colorstream® liquid effects pigments to precisely match today’s more exotic colors. A new “blacker than black” Jet Black toner was added to enhance basecoat application, as well as a new Blue-Black toner. The new Vivid Ruby Red toner was specially formulated to eliminate the need for tinted clears in the chromatic red color space.

Next Level Color Match

In concert with the toner enhancements, PPG has further bolstered color-matching capabilities with new digital color tools from the PPG LINQ™ digital ecosystem.

The new PPG DigiMatch™ spectrophotometer, small enough to hold in one hand, takes readings of the vehicle’s color from six imaging angles as well as six reflective angles to provide color and texture information—including effect pigment particle size. The spectrophotometer seamlessly connects to PPG’s retrieval software and its robust database to identify the correct color formula. Then, with a click of a button, PPGDigiMatch™ readings work in concert with another innovation to further enhance the ability to determine the best color match—PPG VisualizID™software.

 The first of its kind in the industry, PPGVisualizID™ software enables technicians to compare 3D renderings of the retrieved colors on a digital screen and compare multiple “virtual sprayouts” in a matter of minutes—significantly faster than the time it takes to create a conventional sprayout card. Each digital sprayout can be compared from flash, flop or face angles, rotated in any direction and compared from “blend” and “edge” views.

Throughput Performance

Staufer says enhancing the cycle time efficiency of the Deltron® NXT™ system was equally important, in order to boost process efficiency for the production-focused collision center. Complementing the basecoat—which air dries in 15 minutes—is an enhanced lineup of throughput-focused support products.

A choice of production-focused undercoats offer high film build and quick dry-to-sand times, including primer surfacers that air dry in as little as 30 minutes and a urethane sealer that requires only 10 minutes air dry. Five new reducers enhance the painter’s ability to achieve efficient refinish repairs in the full range of operating conditions—from cool and dry to hot and humid.

To meet specific job requirements, the system offers a wide range of premium-quality clearcoats, with superfast air-dry capability and bake times as low as 9 minutes. In addition, there’s a Matte and Semi-Gloss Clearcoat System for reproducing a range of gloss levels, including low gloss options that match original finishes offered on such vehicles as Mercedes-Benz®, BMW® and Lamborghini®.

“Suffice it to say, the excellent color-matching and throughput-focused capabilities of our new Deltron® NXT™ product offering provides a great solution for the high production collision center seeking outstanding productivity from a solventborne basecoat system,” says Staufer.

For more information on the PPG Deltron® NXT™ refinish system, visit or contact your local PPG distributor or sales representative.

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