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New packaging design provides protection for steering parts during shipping

PWR STEER’s packaging protects critical parts such as transfer tubes and tie-rods, contributing to reduction in warranty rate

New York—PWR STEER Motion Control Systems, a supplier of new “installation-ready” power steering parts and a division of global automotive replacement parts supplier, Premium Guard Inc., offers enhanced packaging for its growing line of power steering racks and gear-boxes.

The reinforced packaging is engineered to provide protection during shipping and handling. PWR’s packaging employs high-grade protective components that are often used to protect heavy, yet sensitive, electronic products. PWR’s packaging method and material protects critical parts such as transfer tubes and tie-rods, contributing to further reduction in warranty rate.

“We’ve spent a considerable amount of time developing PWR’s steering racks and wanted to put just as much thought and care into the design of the packaging that protects them,” said PWR STEER’s Director of Sales John Sturges. “We invested a tremendous amount of resources to test and validate the package. This is to ensure the parts inside are secure and well-protected.

“To accomplish that, we deploy two layers of high-density and low-density foam to protect the part on all sides. The inner lining is specially designed to prevent lateral movement of the part, even when it faces harsh impact. In addition, all tie-rod ends are protected with plastic caps.”

In addition to the multiple layers of protective foam, every PWR rack comes enclosed in a sealed plastic bag to keep the factory test fluid from contaminating the box. Additional protective pieces include flexible caps and threaded port-sealing plugs to contain the fluids in the rack.

To fully showcase the capabilities of the enhanced packaging, PWR STEER has created an informational video titled “Think Inside the Box.” The video highlights the enhanced packaging features and presents several scenarios where PWR’s packaging protects against damage, including a dramatic demonstration that shows a packaged PWR rack thrown from the roof of a building. Even with the significant impact, the rack is undamaged and ready for use.

The video can be viewed on PWR Steer’s YouTube channel:

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