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UAF thanks volunteer scholarship reviewers

The University of the Aftermarket Foundation recognizes long list of volunteers who contributed their time to review and evaluate applications

Bethesda, Md.—The University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UAF) is in the process of awarding hundreds of scholarships for the 2022-23 academic year and would like to recognize and thank the individuals who have volunteered their time to review and evaluate the applications.


Mike Buzzard

Brian Cruickshank

Rick Guirlinger

Jennifer Hollar

Scott Howat

Vonda Lee

Larry Pavey

Robert Roos

Danielle Sonnefeld

Chuck Udell

Judy Walter


Mike Allen

John Albano

Doug Arnold

George Arrants

Julie Becker-Myers

Dick Beirne

Jehan Beg

Brett Blauner

Joel Brady

Ethan Bregger

Jim Buzzard

Robert Castle

Tina Choinacky

Josh D’Agostino

Ray Datt

Shireen Doultani

Jim Eady

Bob Egan

Tim Feddema

Mike Ferris

John Frala

Byron Frantz

Chris Gardner

Dawn Gonzalez

Bob Gracey

Todd Hack

Bill Hanvey

Mike Harvey

Julian Hentze

Steve Hoellein

Tanya Hunt

Jim Kahut

Roy Kent

John Koch

Peter Kornafel

Doug Kubinak

Elle Lawhead

Mike Lerch

Randy Lisk

Randal Long

Scott Luckett

Andrea Mack

Kevin Mack

Molly MacKay Zacker

Celina McCabe

Paul McCarthy

Dave McColley

Gary McCoy

Rob Merwin

Kim Nolan

Mark Phillips

Nick Porrini

Charlie Ryan

Rick Schwartz

Bobby Segal

Mark Seng

Steve Sharp

Eric Sills

Malcolm Sissmore

Janet Small

Wendy Sorquist

Andrew Steczo

Joe Stephan

Bill Stroupe

Pat Taylor

Traci Taylor

Louise Veasman

Bill Wade

JC Washbish

John R. Washbish

Dennis Welvaert

Rich Zeichner

“Thank you to all the industry professionals that donated their valuable time to help select our scholarship winners. Personally, it is the most rewarding part of the scholarship process. Reading the career goals and hearing the passion they have for the automotive industry reminds us how meaningful the support through scholarships is to our future leaders,” said Danielle Sonnefeld, AAP, chair of the UAF scholarship committee.

“One of the most valuable and needed volunteer roles that is critical for the success of our scholarship program is that of volunteer evaluator. The University of the Aftermarket Foundation is very fortunate to have this esteemed group of reviewers that donate their time to evaluate so many applications. We thank them for supporting this important program,” said Bob Egan, MAAP, UAF chairman. 

To become a UAF scholarship reviewer, email Sonnefeld at or visit to send a message to the foundation.

About the University of the Aftermarket Foundation

Since 1986, the University of the Aftermarket Foundation has funded millions of dollars of scholarships, grants, research and ongoing educational programs to help develop a strong, knowledgeable aftermarket work force. The foundation encourages industry support, including donations for the purpose of honoring or memorializing individuals or otherwise recognizing special events, to help ensure the continued availability of training and education that strengthen the industry. The University of the Aftermarket Foundation is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. For more information, visit

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