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Los Angeles Auto Show unveils survey results on EV satisfaction and concerns

California EV owners have far less concerns than expected about maintenance in stark contrast to some owners of conventional gasoline vehicles

Los Angeles—With one day remaining before the Los Angeles Auto Show opens its doors to hundreds of thousands of consumers on Nov. 17-26, organizers have released the results of an EV-focused survey conducted last week to previous attendees of the annual event. The results highlight the strengths of the current electric vehicle marketplace.

Insights from 2023 LA Auto Show EV Survey include:

  • 65% are considering an EV purchase
  • 47% were more likely to purchase an EV following the collaboration between Tesla and more than 17 car makers to utilize Tesla’s Supercharging network
  • 72% of current owners say their satisfaction increased since owning an EV
  • 62% of owners were influenced by California’s EV rebates, tax credits, or incentives

While every manufacturer and battery producer is developing new technology that will increase range and reduce charging times, it seems that charging station availability is a continuing conversation for potential owners. However, several respondents expected to see a shift as Tesla charging stations were made available to owners of other brands, with very positive comments about Tesla facilities.

Another factor of EV ownership for California drivers was the new Time-of-Use electricity rates, which attempts to encourage homeowners to reduce electrical consumption during peak evening hours. The variable rates could be seen as an incentive to EV owners charging at home and suggests most EV owners have been able to adopt strategies to charge outside of the peak rates.

On another positive note, it appears that EV owners have far less concern than expected about a wide number of issues including vehicle safety, safety at charging stations, performance, maintenance and reliability.

The latter two are in stark contrast to some owners of conventional gasoline vehicles, where servicing, breakdowns, and recalls can receive high dissatisfaction scores. There was also less concern about resale value, which might reflect that 56% of respondents had owned their EV for less than two years. However, 46% have used their EV for more than three years and resale remains less of a concern.

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