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Bosch announces new EV chargers

The EV300 and EV3000 are fully UL and cUL compliant to ensure the highest safety for users, vehicles and the surrounding area

Oak Brook, Ill.—Bosch has released two new electric vehicle (EV) chargers: the EV300 Level 2 EV Charging Station and EV3000 DC Fast Charger. Both chargers were created to provide a more affordable charging option without compromising safety and charging capabilities. 

The EV300 charges up to four times faster than a standard plug outlet, while the EV3000 charges up to four times faster than a standard Level 2 charging station.

“As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the road, Bosch is working to create more EV solutions,” said Jeff Hudnut, EV product manager at Bosch. “EV drivers want convenience, and the EV300 and EV3000 offer that for both at-home and commercial/public settings. The new chargers provide significantly faster charging that can be done anywhere, increasing convenience without sacrificing safety.”

EV300 Level 2 EV Charging Station

The EV300 is a compact indoor/outdoor EV charger with a 16-foot cable and can be installed as a permanent wall mount plug-in charger. 

The new tool is constructed to provide low maintenance charging alternative. No app is required to charge. Users can pre-set times and length of charging in the vehicle, and the EV300 informs battery status through a blinking light.

EV3000 DC Fast Charger

Developed for EVs parked for a few hours, the EV3000 is designed for the workplace, public parking lots, dealerships and for fleets. 

The DC charging provides a faster charge than standard AC charging stations due to their higher power. With the SAE J1772 CCS connector, the EV3000 is compatible with most all battery electric vehicles in North America. It can charge a typical passenger vehicle anywhere between 20% – 80% in an hour. 

EV3000 exceeds IP 55 standards allowing safe charging indoors or outdoors in many types of weather, including rain, snow and sleet.

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