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TechTalk: ‘The Psychology of Mobility,’ March 30, 10 a.m. EDT

As cars become more advanced and connected, engineers and technicians are not the only ones responsible for putting a vehicle on the street

Auburn Hill, Mich.—As cars become more advanced and connected, engineers and technicians are not the only ones responsible for putting a vehicle on the street. Human machine interface (HMI) designers, human factor researchers and psychologists are instrumental in making mobility a safe and enjoyable experience. Human factor psychologists and designers explore and work together to integrate their research and design into Continental’s  technology innovations.

In order to share their insights and practical examples, Continental is hosting a TechTalk on “Psychology of Mobility” which will take place digitally via Teams on March 30, at 10 a.m. EDT.

The program will be as follows:

Driving with Psychology

Psychology provides us with the knowledge and methods to understand wishes and demands of drivers. This features in automotive systems and features design and creates a feeling of safety and ease of use by providing positive mobility experiences.

Dr. Christoph Bernhard, Senior UX Researcher, Custom Interactions

Transformation in Mobility Experiences

Basic pragmatic dimensions that affect the emotional appeal of automotive product experiences. Understanding user needs, emotions and prioritization for user-centric HMI design.

Guido Meier-Arendt, Principal Expert Human Machine Interface & Design, Continental Automotive

Calibrating Trust in Technology

Deployment of research and focus groups is the first step in automotive development. The goal: create products with high acceptance and comfort rates. Illustration of psychological factors for efficient mobile experiences, factoring in culture-specific differences.

Sebastian Weiss, Human Factors Researcher, Psychologist, Continental Automotive

From Analog to Digital — Interactive Design

Automotive design adopts influences from architecture, textile innovations and mobile products into the automotive sphere. How do designers translate it into product design to debut in 5 years to create trust and comfort in drivers?

Jochen Möller, Senior Expert UX & Interaction Design, Continental Automotive

For registration and in order to take part email your response no later than March 28 to Christina Clarke ( to be sent a calendar invitation with participation link and dial-in data for the TechTalk.

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