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Manhattan dealership debuts new technology for automated vehicle inspections

System uses advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to conduct comprehensive inspections of vehicles

New York—Mercedes-Benz Manhattan (MBM) is debuting its latest technology in tandem with UVeye. The installation of an automated vehicle inspection machine will be an integral piece within the facility’s lower-level service lane driveway.

The UVeye system uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to conduct comprehensive inspections of vehicles, providing a higher level of precision and efficiency compared to traditional examination methods.

Positioned as the first Northeastern Mercedes-Benz dealer to embrace this innovation, MBM stated in a news release that the installation underscores the “dealer’s commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive technology and capitalizing on an elevated customer experience.” 

UVeye’s solutions include scanning the underbody of the vehicle for leaks or mechanical issues, all four tires for both sidewall and tread related concerns and exterior imperfections such as scratches and dents.

Customers interacting with this technology can anticipate a streamlined inspection process, reduced wait times, and a comprehensive overview of their vehicle’s service requirements, MBM stated. Other features include checking tire tread depth and alignment issues.

David Tait, general manager of MBM, said, “I am excited that we are a pioneer for Mercedes-Benz here in the heart of Manhattan. UVeye technology will bring a new dimension to our vehicle inspection process and deliver a first-class experience by offering a complete vehicle scan for 100% of our owners at no charge. This will also allow us to handle the vehicles less than before, speeding up the check-in process and keeping vehicles moving quickly through the service lanes.”

UVeye’s CEO Amir Hever added, “UVeye is on a mission to standardize automatic vehicle inspection with some of the most progressive car dealerships in the USA while keeping their customers safe on the road. After working with several of the biggest car manufacturers in the world we are now excited to partner with Mercedes Benz of Manhattan. We look forward to enhancing customer experience and ensuring both service and sales customers receive a full visual report of their vehicle condition.”

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