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Best equipped states for adopting electric vehicles

California, Vermont and the District of Columbia lead the way for being EV-ready with infrastructure, registrations

By calculating the sales of electric vehicles along with the total number of public charging stations, Zutobi, an online driver’s education resource, has revealed the areas in the U.S. that are best equipped to become a fully electric state.

Top Three EV-Ready U.S. States

The factors that Zutobi used to determine the most EV-ready U.S. states are the number of registered EVs and the percentage of all registered vehicles that are electric. As well as this, the number of public chargers are factored in, how many EVs and the average number of miles there are per charging point. By combining these, Zutobi was able to calculate a score out of 10 for all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia.

1: District of Columbia: EV-Ready Score: 8.16/10

Although it is not technically a state, the U.S. capital district of Columbia is the most EV-ready state. This is largely to do with the fact that there is a public EV charger every 2.66 miles on average, which is far better than the national average of one charger every 121 miles. 0.68% of all vehicles registered in the district are EVs, and this is the fourth-highest in the country for this factor. 

1: California – EV-Ready Score: 8.16/10

California shares the most EV-ready state with a score of 8.16. The Golden State is the only one with more than 1 percent of all vehicles registered being electric, and it also has over 30,000 more public charging points than the national average. However, because there are so many EVs in California, the amount of public charging points struggle to keep up.

3: Vermont – EV-Ready Score: 7.55/10

Vermont is the third most EV-ready state in the U.S. Vermont only has 2.68 EV’s per charging point, which shows that their infrastructure is ready to support EVs. Furthermore, there is a charging point every 17.13 miles on average, much lower than the U.S. average of 121 miles.

Further Findings:

  • D.C. and California find themselves leading the way in EV innovation and adoption being the only states with an EV score over 8 (8.16).
  • California has cleared the rest of the competition having the highest number of registered electric vehicles. With more than 425,000 registered EVs, California leads the way by at least 367,140 vehicles
  • California also finds itself as the leader in EV innovation. With 33,590 public charging points, the closest competitor — New York — fall short by over 27,000 vehicles
  • North Dakota has the best ratio of EVs per charging point. With 1.86 EVs per charging point, it won’t be a problem finding a charging point.

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