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LSI Chemical introduces winter blend diesel additive

TotalArmorW7 is formulated with cloud point and pour point depressants, detergents and a lubricity improver to prevent gelling and icing and disperse moisture

Mt Gilead, Ohio—LSI Chemical has introduced TotalArmorW7, a new winter blend diesel fuel aftermarket additive formulated to ensure complete operability in freezing temperatures while also improving other important characteristics of diesel fuel, the company stated. Developed for refineries and fuel jobbers, or for private label use, TotalArmorW7 increases cetane up to seven points for improved power, fuel economy and cold starts.

Formulated with cloud point and pour point depressants, detergents and a lubricity improver, the additive prevents gelling and icing and disperses moisture, the company said.

Utilizing a third-party test, fuel treated with TotalArmorW7 documented an improved Pour Point from -18°F / -27.7°C down to -50°F / -45.6°C based on a Shell baseline diesel fuel. The Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) was improved from -20°F / -28.9°C to -35°F / -37.2°C compared with a Marathon baseline diesel fuel. This fuel additive complies with all federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.

TotalArmorW7 minimizes the size of wax crystals and prevents paraffin wax precipitation to allow fuel to travel through the fuel filter and remain operable, the company added. The cloud point is lowered by solubilizing paraffin nuclei as they begin to crystallize with the addition of pour point depressants that modify paraffin crystal growth as they precipitate.

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