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MAHLE Aftermarket launches a/c microsite to help shops educate consumers

The “A/C check” microsite is a resource that shops can use to inform vehicle owners about annual inspection and service of their a/c systems

Farmington Hills, Mich.—MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. has unveiled a new microsite, “A/C check” (, to provide automotive service shops with a resource to inform vehicle owners to have qualified technicians inspect and service their air conditioning systems annually.

Consumers benefit from their air conditioning systems functioning properly to enhance cabin comfort and avoid damage that may be costly to repair. A well-maintained air conditioning system is also critical to ensure the proper temperature range for drivetrain batteries in electric and hybrid cars.

In addition to a comprehensive checklist for proper A/C maintenance, service, and installation, the MAHLE “A/C check” microsite features a multitude of useful resources, including articles, easy-to-follow tutorials, and industry statistics, as well as background on some of the company’s latest solutions, including premium MAHLE cabin air filters and the MAHLE OzonePRO Professional Sanitation System.

“Shop owners can direct consumers to the ‘A/C check’ microsite for information about yearly service of their air conditioning system from a qualified auto technician,” said Ted Hughes, director of Marketing MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “The site was also created to provide vehicle owners with information about the design and operation of the automotive air conditioning system, why regular maintenance is necessary to ensure its reliability, and details on do-it-yourself inspection and service guidelines.”

The “A/C check” microsite also includes detailed information about some of the latest technologies from MAHLE, including the company’s expanded range of cabin air filters, as well as the MAHLE OzonePRO Professional Sanitation System. This technology uses ozone gas to sterilize a vehicle’s interior and eliminate odors. In addition to its lightweight and automated operation that controls ozone levels and process time, it offers digital integration with mobile devices and report generation when the sanitation process is complete.

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