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Epicor adds advanced last-mile delivery capabilities

Acquisition of Elite Extra expands ability to help customers make, move, sell and deliver across the aftermarket supply chain

Austin, Texas—Epicor has announced it has acquired Elite EXTRA, a provider of cloud-based last mile delivery solutions. The acquisition expands Epicor’s ability to help its customers across the make, move, and sell industries simplify last mile logistics. 

“Getting the right parts and products to the right place at the right time is essential in today’s marketplace. More and more, it’s all about make, move, sell—and deliver,” said Epicor CEO Steve Murphy. “We are thrilled to welcome Elite EXTRA as part of the Epicor team, adding advanced last mile delivery capabilities to help our customers simplify, streamline, and strengthen their logistics operations.”

The acquisition will complement and strengthen Epicor’s ability to optimize last mile logistics and solve supply chain challenges for customers across Epicor’s vertical industries. For example, in the automotive aftermarket, limited automotive inventory and growing economic uncertainty are causing vehicle owners to keep and operate their vehicles longer.

As a result, distributors must handle increased demand for automotive parts and maintenance services. Continued driver shortages also make it imperative that distributors dispatch efficiently to meet customers’ quick delivery expectations.

With Elite EXTRA, Epicor customers will gain deeper real-time visibility to make more informed routing, dispatch, and inventory decisions. This will help distributors, independent service shops, and dealers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a superior customer experience.

The Elite EXTRA portfolio provides the following benefits and features to customers across the make, move, and sell industries, including:

  • Simplify last mile delivery logistics. Elite EXTRA offers an end-to-end logistics management solution for multiple logistics operations. From deliveries and pickups to services and shuttling people, Elite EXTRA streamlines operations and provides full visibility of logistics to make more informed routing decisions.
  • Streamline and scale operations with an extensive delivery network. Elite EXTRA helps meet customer expectations by using efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver products. A pre-connected network enables customers to leverage third-party fleets such as DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, Point Pickup, and more. Customers manage delivery options by preference or automated business rules such as speed, price, or priority fleet agreements.
  • Strengthen reverse logistics and automate returns. Elite EXTRA streamlines and provides enhanced visibility into the entire returns process. The solution helps to reduce the cost of returns and accelerates the pickup, validation/authorization, and credit issuing process.

The Elite EXTRA portfolio is built on a service-oriented architecture, making it easy to scale and integrate with ERP, POS, and eCommerce systems. Elite EXTRA is already integrated with Epicor Vision, the company’s automotive parts distribution management platform. In the future, Elite EXTRA will be integrated with other Epicor ERP platforms and industry productivity solutions across the Epicor Industry ERP Cloud portfolio.

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