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dott. launches “reimagine aftermarket allyship” campaign to foster inclusive industry cultures

dott. launches ‘reimagine aftermarket allyship’ on LinkedIn, fostering inclusive cultures in the automotive industry

Washington, Conn.—dott., a leader in strategic business consulting within the automotive and commercial vehicle aftermarket industries, has announced the launch of its “reimagine aftermarket allyship” campaign. Hosted on LinkedIn, supported by a cohort representative of all channels, this initiative aims to enhance the industry’s practice of allyship, deeply aligning with dott.’s commitment to driving measurable cultural change.

Tammy Tecklenburg, Founder & CEO of dott., stated: “Our ‘reimagine aftermarket allyship’ campaign leverages LinkedIn’s extensive networking capabilities to amplify our message and engage a broader audience. We know that diversity is an output of inclusive cultures. By fostering these behaviors daily, we aim to create a ripple in cultivating an industry that supports diversity and inclusion at all levels.”

Why ‘reflect, reinforce, recognize?’

reflect: The campaign begins with an introspective questionnaire on LinkedIn, prompting participants to consider their personal roles in fostering growth and success through allyship. This foundational step is crucial for cultivating a deeper understanding of what an ally looks like and how we can all embody this role, fostering a culture of learning and empathy.

reinforce: Utilizing the #aftermarketALLY badge, this facet of the campaign encourages a culture of recognition by allowing peers to highlight each other’s acts of allyship directly. This public acknowledgment acts as a robust reinforcement of positive behaviors across the industry.

recognize: Each month, dott. features an individual who exemplifies outstanding allyship. These highlights are designed to celebrate individual contributions and motivate the entire industry toward more active involvement in driving continuous improvement around our most valuable asset—people.

This month, we are proud to celebrate Randy Buller, President and CEO of The Parts Authority, as our inaugural “professionALLY recognized aftermarketALLY.” Randy’s dedication to applying the platinum rule—treating others as they wish to be treated—perfectly illustrates the essence of our campaign. It’s about aligning our intentions with our impacts, which is crucial for nurturing an environment where diverse perspectives drive growth and innovation.

Join Us: To learn more about the “reimagine aftermarket allyship” campaign and to participate in fostering a more inclusive automotive aftermarket industry, visit our campaign landing page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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