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This week on Remarkable Results Radio

The free podcast is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives share their success stories

Springville, N.Y.—Carm Capriotto connects aftermarket professionals and Remarkable Results Radio is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives, among others, share their success stories.

The following free podcasts are new and available this week:

Start Monday Positive and Celebrate Friday [RR 711]

Get an inside look at Andy Bizub’s team culture in his Chicago business, including an emotional story about an accident his top technician suffered and how everyone rallied around him. Andy is passionate about pricing and what it takes to run a successful business and paying his employees accordingly. We also had a refreshing talk about Zero Gravity.

The key talking points for this episode reside at

Father Daughter Teams [THA 259]

If you’re lucky enough to work with family, you know how special it is to have their support and passion. But inserting a family member into a business takes work to maintain a healthy culture. In this episode, you’ll hear from the perspective of two father-daughter teams and how they successfully made the transition.

Watch the video or listen to as a podcast at

What Is The Best Thing You Can Do As An Owner? Leave! [RR 712]

Another episode recorded at AAPEX 2021. In this episode you’ll hear from three different perspectives, a hands-off visionary owner, his partner and director of operations and a 26 year old service director that started as a technician. Find out how these three successful businessmen work cohesively together while continuing to look toward the future. You’ll be inspired.

The key talking points for this episode can be found on the website

Lean Six Sigma and Shop Tour with Karim Morsli [AW 089]

Guest host and shop tour with Karim Morsli, Winkler Automotive Service Center, Gaithersburg, MD. Karim explains ‘Lean Six Sigma’ and creating the right environment for lean production. Stop wasting time and start being efficient.

Watch the video or listen as a podcast at

What Drives You to Be the Best You Can Be? With Justin Morgan

Listen as a podcast at

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