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This week on Remarkable Results Radio

The free podcast is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives share their success stories

Springville, N.Y.—Carm Capriotto connects aftermarket professionals and Remarkable Results Radio is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives, among others, share their success stories.

The following free podcasts are new and available this week:

We Are Signal Intelligence Specialists [RR 685]

Trainer Gary Smith loves to diagnose tough challenges. He is going to touch, in this episode, on the importance of computer and mechanical data in finding carbon and deposit fouling when diagnosing drivability concerns. He is also going to talk about a new definition of technicians saying that they are calling “Signal Intelligence Specialists.” A unique approach to a technician’s skill set. We discuss the skills necessary to play in this new field of automotive tradecraft.

The key talking points for this episode reside at

Anxiety Disorders at Work [THA 246]

Anxiety: we all know it and we all experience it. If you’re tuning into this episode you’re probably hoping to find a quick fix to handle anxiety. My panel does cover best practices when you’re in an anxious state, but they also dive deeper into what causes anxiety in the first place. The majority of the time it is self-induced. It’s time to open your mind and view anxiety from a different perspective.

Watch the video or listen to as a podcast at

Implementing EOS with Barry Barrett: 4 Shop Owners Share Their Success [RR 686]

The Entrepreneurial Operating System has been highlighted on the podcast with a 7 part series featuring Barry Barrett, a certified EOS Implementor. The EOS system enables owners to get the most out of their business using six key components: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and Traction. It’s easy to discuss and learn, but how does it work with real people in different levels of business? In this episode you’ll hear from 4 shop owners that have implemented EOS in their business and their success stories from it. 

The key talking points for this episode can be found on the website

The Power of a Great Supply Partner Relationship [AW 076]

Guest host, Jennifer and Mike Baggett, Pro Automotive Services, Wood River, IL Do you have a strong relationship with your supply partner? Is your supplier helping you in your business?

Watch the video or listen as a podcast at

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