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For Price-Shopping Customers, Your Techs Can Make the Difference for the Sale

Separate yourself from your competitors by putting your focus on the benefits rather than the parts and labor

When it comes to generating additional profit, one technique we’ve been teaching our clients to use for quite a few years is this: Remember that in the customer’s mind, no matter how good your advisor may be, if the conversation goes to the pricing of your parts, the customer will feel as though parts are parts.

Bob Cooper

You will certainly want to speak with them about quality of your parts, your warranty, etc., but at the end of the day they will quite possibly compare the price of your parts to your competitors. Ouch, right? 

So what you need to do is separate yourself from your competitors by putting your focus on the benefits rather than the parts and labor. If you take this approach, you may still find they want further explanation on the pricing of your labor, in which case we encourage you to help them realize there are wildly different levels of service when it comes to the labor that’s provided.

By helping them understand how your techs are the best techs in your community, they can not only then realize the difference in labor prices, but they’ll accept your rational. Your customers are smart, and they know doctors all charge different amounts based on their skill and expertise, and so do attorneys as well as many other professionals.

Your shop in no different. Although parts may be parts to your customers, they know there is an incredible difference in the quality of technicians. I used this approach when I was in the auto repair business, and it worked well for me, and that’s why I am certain it will work for you.    

Since 1990, Bob Cooper has been the president of Elite, a team of industry leading shop owners that helps other fellow shop owners take their businesses to new levels of success, reach their goals, and establish a work/life balance that leads to a higher quality of life. The company offers service advisor training, peer groups, and coaching and consulting services. You can learn more about Elite by visiting, or calling 800-204-3548.

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