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Free webinar: ‘Post-Traumatic Leadership – How to Forge Winning Futures Alongside Covid-19’

This is the fifth in a webinar series, ‘Growing Stronger Throughout Covid-19’

Denver—Covid-19 will likely be with us into the foreseeable future, says Michael Smith, of Herzberg Smith & Co. “Life cannot stand still – society, the economy, health care and more, will all continue moving forward. Companies, customers and their communities need wise, competent leaders to help frame our next-normal,” he said.

The webinar lays out a clear strategy for today’s leaders, to effectively guide their stakeholders through these traumatic times, into even more successful futures than before, Smith added. “We will reveal essential truths about what people need to survive and then thrive, though a long-term crisis.”

When: Tuesday, May 19, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. MST

Registration link:

This webinar will be co-facilitated by:

Ken Farber

Farber has been leading adult-learning sessions for nearly three decades. His expertise includes General Business, Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Executive Development & Coaching. Farber’s formal education includes Hofstra University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Michael Smith


A veteran of the large strategy-consulting firms, Smith dedicates his efforts to bring the best high-performance, value-creation programs to the SMB market. His expertise includes Business, Economics, Marketing Communications, Leadership, and Human Dynamics. A visiting professor, public speaker, strategy consultant and mentor, Smith has empowered hundreds of organizations to achieve results.

Learn more at Smith can be reached at

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