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Employees want to be valued, a leader’s role is to nurture passion and purpose

Does your organization have a purpose statement? Is the united purpose that drives employees, passion?

As a leader have you ever wondered if you instill passion and purpose in your company culture? Are these terms that you utilize to evaluate your leadership team and yourself? Indeed, passion and purpose are powerful motivators.

Passion exemplifies emotion, energy, and engagement. Its focus can be in helping others, doing good, energizing your work and way of life. Passion is our outward expression of our life’s purpose. Passion in an organization fuels its purpose. It is our cause, and it enriches our employees, customers, vendors, and our community. Purpose is living meaningful life and having tangible work.

John Passante, The Organizational Development Group

The wonderful feeling of being fulfilled; our motivation is tied directly to our sense of accomplishment. Permit a probe: are your employees permitted to experience their passion through their work and savor the joy of making a difference?

Passion is a positive catalyst, a powerful game changer, a commitment. Does your organization have a purpose statement? Is the united purpose that drives employees, passion? We live longer when we have a sense of purpose, control, and a feeling that we are worthwhile. Which manifest into great motivation and job satisfaction.

When leaders truly connect with employees, they open the door to purpose and feed positive passion. We all seek to be a key point of meaningful and impactful work.

Employees want to be valued, a leader’s role is to nurture passion and purpose, foster a culture of professional candor where employees feel safe to share their views; feel safe and honest. Poor
management destroys passion, purpose, and meaningfulness.

Passionate employees are apt to be more productive as well as happy. They are also less likely to look for a new opportunity their spirit will be carried forward to customers. Passion gives us boundless energy, intense focus, will power and a sense of single mindedness that helps overcome daunting obstacles.

Each of us are tasked with traveling the road to purpose and positive passion. As we collect experiences in life, we get closer to discovering our purpose. As we collect these passionate experiences, we weave them together in the form of life’s true purpose. The goods and the bads in life give us purpose.

Leaders that are purposeful and passionate are directly or indirectly influencing employees and the organization and are the North Star which fosters resilience on the road to success. The combination of passion, purpose and perseverance leads to higher performance.

Passion inspires others to join and identify with the company vision and leadership. It is contagious. Turning vision into reality requires passion and purpose. Passion leads to mastery and success. Indeed, most of us seek to make a difference, which is rooted in passion. To achieve is to have purpose.

Leaders need to articulate and share their passion and purpose and embed them in the culture. Some leaders lead with their title and some leaders lead with passion. Passionate leaders put people first, rain or shine, and anticipate rather than react or overreact. One of the strongest characteristics of leadership is the ability to light the power of purpose and passion in others. Business and life if about leaning on and depending on others.

Creativity fuels motivation and purpose. It opens the door of possibilities for employees, making work more interesting and yes — fun! Remember, “no man is an island.” Life is about connecting and forming relationships that ignite our purpose and passion. Purpose is the reason for our journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way!

Dr. John Passante is president and CEO of The Organizational Development Group, Inc. He has more than 35 years experience in human resources, sales and marketing, and organizational development. Passante’s book, “The Human Side, High Touch Leadership in a High Touch World,” is available for $19.50. Checks can be sent to: The Organizational Development Group. 10 Anoka Ave., Barrington, RI. 02806. There is no charge for postage.

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