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New airless welder tip aids in headlight tab repair

New 6032 ‘Blockhead’ welding tip helps technicians get into tight spaces

Rainsville, Ala.—With today’s parts shortages, more shops are turning their attention to repairing broken headlight tabs to improve cycle time. Polyvance is offering the new 6032 “Blockhead” welding tip for the airless plastic welder to aid in their repair.

The Blockhead tip is small and narrow, with sharp edges ground into each face to reach into tight spaces and sharp corners, and for restoring the appearance of the ridges, gussets, and waffle patterns often seen on headlight tabs.

“It’s also great for tight areas on bumper cover repairs and for repairing ‘boss tabs’ that hold mounting clips on the backside of trim pieces,” said Kurt Lammon, Polyvance president. “The sharp edges of the Blockhead tip are perfect for melting in stainless wire mesh to tightly bond these features back in place.

See some photos and a video of the Blockhead tip in action at this link.

Like all of Polyvance’s airless welder tips, the 6032 Blockhead tip is 100% made in USA with lead-free bronze for high temperature strength and long-lasting use. Its 12-24 NPT thread fits all Polyvance airless heating elements.

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