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CCC launches website builder for collision repairers

The solution is designed to strengthen the online presence and lead generation efforts of repairers, no technical experience required

Chicago—CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. (CCC) has announced the launch of CCC Amplify, a digital solution that helps collision repairers build and launch customized websites in minutes. Available through the CCC ONE platform, CCC Amplify simplifies the process of creating and maintaining a website by integrating CCC ONE shop information.

The solution is designed to strengthen the online presence and lead generation efforts of repairers, whether they are creating a website for the first time or are looking to replace an existing one.

CCC Amplify simplifies website creation and maintenance by leveraging shop information from CCC ONE to fill pre-designed website templates. Repairers can choose from a variety of templates and customize them as needed, such as adding a careers page for open positions.

With intuitive drag-and-drop tools, website creation becomes accessible to everyone, including those with no technical experience. In addition, repair shops with CCC Engage, a CCC ONE solution that drives digital traffic to shops, can enable appointment booking and photo estimate requests through their sites, providing added convenience for consumers.

“Many repair shops find it challenging to build and maintain a website because of the technical expertise required and time commitment, which is why we see so many with outdated or nonexistent websites,” said Mark Fincher, vice president, product management, automotive services at CCC Intelligent Solutions. “By making website creation simpler, we’re giving repairers an easy way to engage with more consumers and increase visibility of their services. CCC Amplify makes sure that repairers can easily be found online, which is where most consumers begin searching for repair services. It also helps create a great online experience for their customers.”

To learn more about CCC Amplify, visit

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