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Car ADAS announces new Texas licensee: Smart Vehicle Solutions

One of the challenges was finding a building that suited their needs and getting it approved by the city

Farmers Branch, Texas—Car ADAS Solutions, a provider of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration technology and services, has announced the addition of Smart Vehicle Solutions, a new licensee in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Established by Tim Pappadopoulos in 2023, the company’s goal is to return every customer vehicle road-ready and safer than the day it was built.

“We constantly remind ourselves that these cars are the ones out there next to our friends and families,” he said. “With the assistance of Car ADAS Solutions, we have been able to open a calibration center to ensure vehicles are repaired properly.”

“It was my absolute pleasure working with Tim and the Smart Vehicle Solutions team that share our same vision of “Making the world a safer place to drive,” said Kevin Caruso, COO of Car ADAS Solutions. “Tim holds himself to the highest levels of education in the world of ADAS, which has continued to evolve over the years. Tim also believes in giving back through his volunteer service and is a pillar in his community.”

Pappadopoulos first learned about Car ADAS Solutions through social media. A former coworker had joined the Car ADAS Solutions team and Pappadopoulos was interested to learn more. After sitting through a demo with Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions, he decided to open a calibration center.

“I agreed with their mission to repair vehicles properly and really liked what they had to offer, mostly with their long-term support,” said Pappadopoulos.

One of the challenges he needed to overcome was finding a building that suited their needs and getting it approved by the city.

“This is a very unique business model and most cities have no idea how to zone a calibration business,” explained Pappadopoulos. “Car ADAS Solutions was very helpful in that regard. The company provided information and marketing materials I shared with the city to help obtain the proper permits.”

He and his team also went through comprehensive training.

“Car ADAS Solution’s education has been some of the best industry training I have attended,” said Pappadopoulos. “Every one of my team members comes back after their hands-on training and says they feel more confident in their ability to do these calibrations, the training was awesome and they learned a ton.

The staff at Smart Vehicle Solutions has also been impressed with Car ADAS Solutions’ ongoing, regular technical updates and industry monitoring so he can stay updated with the latest calibration trends.

Pappadopoulos began working in the automotive industry as a mechanic and has been a technician, team leader and service director at a branded dealership. He transitioned to the collision side of the industry in 2016 as a mobile technician. He late became a regional manager for a mobile company before opening the calibration center.

He was first exposed to Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems in 2006 while attending the BMW Automotive Service Technician Education Program. 

“I was mesmerized and have always taken an interest in advanced vehicle electronics,” noted Pappadopoulos. “It’s the most important safety innovation on vehicles since airbags were invented. When properly calibrated, these systems have been proven to reduce the severity of impacts and help avoid collisions.”

With a dedicated facility and trained staff, Pappadopolous is confident that every vehicle leaving his facility is properly repaired and safe to be on the road. “We know this because we ensure that these safety features are calibrated to the auto manufacturer’s specifications and are done accurately,” he said.

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