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Calibration facility owners open second location in Michigan

The ADAS Solutions facility, female and veteran-owned, is operated by Gail DeYoung and Heather Friedriechsen

Lansing, Mich.—Car ADAS Solutions announces the opening of a new calibration center in Lansing, Mich., ADAS Solutions. The facility, female and veteran-owned, is operated by Gail DeYoung and Heather Friedriechsen. Following the success of their first center in Grand Rapids, DeYoung and Friedriechsen decided to expand their venture. The Lansing center marks their second entry into the ADAS calibration space.

“Lansing seemed like a logical place to go,” said DeYoung. “There are some great body shops, but they don’t have any support for ADAS; they are just doing what they can.”

The new Lansing center includes state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians ready to service various vehicles. Specializing in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), the facility aims to provide comprehensive calibration services that meet manufacturers’ standards. With an emphasis on quality and safety, DeYoung said that ADAS Solutions is poised to become a critical resource for local auto body shops and car owners, filling a gap in the Lansing automotive service market.

“Gail and Heather have been in the ADAS space for many years with a shared vision of ‘Making the world a safer place to drive,’ and we are excited that ADAS Solutions will be extending their outreach with this second location,” said Kevin Caruso, chief operating officer of Car ADAS Solutions.

Caruso said that the Car ADAS Solutions team assisted DeYoung and Friedriechsen with any hurdles they faced during the set-up process. The first of these was finding a suitable location for the new center.

“We searched on our own for about two months for the right space and just hit dead end after dead end,” stated DeYoung. However, with the help of Car ADAS Solutions’ real estate connections, they were able to find a great location that met all their needs.

In addition to providing ADAS calibration services, the Lansing facility will also offer training for technicians and body shop owners. “We plan to offer ADAS training not only to collision shops but also to the general repair and insurance markets through classes,” DeYoung said.

He said this dedication to education and training sets ADAS Solutions apart from other service centers and reinforces their commitment to making driving safer for everyone.

Car ADAS Solutions also played a role in helping DeYoung and Friedriechsen staff their new facility with skilled technicians. They have already hired two employees and sent one technician for training so they could open the facility with a certified technician. DeYoung and Friedriechsen plan to open two more locations in Michigan in the near future.

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