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Verdict announced against Pennsylvania auto repair shop and junkyard

The business accepted deposits and advances payments from consumers and failed to do the agreed-upon work

Harrisburg, Pa.—Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced a verdict this week against junkyard and auto repair shop Progress Auto Salvage, Inc., and owner and operator Emeka K. Oguejiofor, for violating Pennsylvania consumer protection laws. Oguejiofor, along with his business, accepted deposits and advances payments from consumers and failed to do the agreed-upon work.

“This junkyard and its owner scammed people out of their hard earned money by offering rubbish agreements and never delivering the work,” said AG Shapiro. “This verdict should stand as a warning for all potential bad actors — rip off Pennsylvanians and you’ll have to face-off with my office in court.”

The trial was held from Oct. 11 through Oct. 14. Eight consumers testified against Oguejiofor and his business. One consumer testified that they purchased vehicles from Progress Auto Salvage and had arranged for the company to ship the vehicles abroad. Progress Auto Salvage and Oguejiofor took $92,000 of the consumer’s money and failed to obtain the paid-for vehicles.

Another consumer in York County testified that he purchased a frame for his truck and agreed to have Progress Auto Salvage install the part in February 2019. The installation dragged out for years, with Progress Auto Salvage giving many excuses as to why the installation had been delayed. In March 2022, the consumer voluntarily picked up his vehicle and noticed that, not only was the part never installed, but the Progress Auto Salvage had also caused substantial damage to the truck and removed the catalytic converter.

This week’s verdict awards $106,044 in restitution for eight consumers and permanently prohibits Progress Auto Salvage and Oguejiofor from holding a junkyard and automotive dismantler and recycle license.

The lawsuit was filed and litigated in York County Court of Common Pleas by Deputy Attorney General Merna Hoffman, who was assisted in the case by Senior Civil Investigator Jessica Nelson.

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