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Remanufactured Prius hybrid battery program jump starts in SoCal

Initiative addresses low performance due to battery degradation and loss of battery capacity, will be evaluated in Southern California before nationwide rollout

Torrance Calif.—AISIN launched its first hybrid battery this week at the 2023 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas. The new program was introduced and evaluated in Southern California this month for a period of six months with the goal of a nationwide rollout in 2024.

“We’re excited about this new venture and confident that we’ll be able to assist thousands of hybrid vehicle owners who may encounter low performance and low fuel economy due to battery degradation and loss of battery capacity,” said Dwayne Bates, vice president, AISIN World Corp. of America, Aftermarket Division. “When a battery is recycled, it comes back like new and helps to provide optimum vehicle performance.”

AISIN’s remanufactured batteries are crafted to meet OEM specifications, added Bates. Each module undergoes an array of tests, guaranteeing its health and capacity before assembly, and remanufactured to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium Testing Standards.

Though the market may widen to other vehicle brands, AISIN remanufactured hybrid batteries will initially be sold to installers and technicians for the repair of Toyota Prius vehicles.

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