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ALI now offers Lifting Points Guide in digital version

Easily find OEM-recommended lifting points to properly lift cars, trucks and SUVs

Cortland, N.Y.—One of the most important steps when using a frame-engaging car lift like a two-post lift is to position the lift adapters only at the OEM-recommended lifting points. Failing to follow this guidance and instead guessing where to position the adapters may result in the vehicle getting damaged or falling from the lift.

To help lift operators find the OEM-recommended lifting points for thousands of vehicles, Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is offering the 2024 edition of its popular Lifting Points Guide, Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts, for the first time as a digital product or bundle of print and digital.

Both the print and digital versions have the same content covering model year 2000 to 2024 cars, SUVs, vans, light-duty trucks and EVs sold in the U.S. and Canada.

“While many customers prefer the always-on access, easy magnification and keyword search of the digital version, some still want a print copy, often because they don’t have connectivity in the shop,” said R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “Offering a bundled solution lets customers choose which format works best for them in any situation.”

The ALI-sponsored Lifting Points Guide is updated annually to reflect the latest vehicles. Lifting points are showcased in more than 250 undercarriage images. Each purchase provides online access on up to three devices, with no third-party software required. Once a copy is purchased, customers can start using the digital version immediately.

Customize the view with magnification, choose light or dark mode or go full screen. Find a vehicle quickly using the keyword search function and highlight or make notes as needed.

The industry safety standard for lift operation, inspection and maintenance, ANSI/ALI ALOIM (current edition), requires shops to make lifting points information available to technicians. This requirement is satisfied by providing technicians with access to ALI’s digital Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts. Anyone using a lift at home, at the track or elsewhere should also protect themselves by using the Lifting Points Guide.

ALI’s Vehicle Lifting Points for Frame Engaging Lifts is available for purchase and immediate use at Other digital products available from ALI include the Lifting It Right lift safety training manual and online course.

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