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Tru-Point adds new features, procedures with software update

Advanced camera technology, targets and software uncovers any vehicle alignment issues, allowing users to perform an accurate ADAS calibration

Conway, Ariz.—The John Bean Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration tool has a new software update available (1.8.0) that includes new procedures, features and improvements.

“To improve coverage, the ADAS database found in the Tru-Point now has more cross-reference capabilities with the database found in our aligners,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for John Bean. “This will allow Tru-Point to provide relevant information more quickly and enhance the user experience. After updating to 1.8.0 software, Tru-Point customers will also be able to receive the 2023 R1 specs update which will further improve coverage.”

Tru-Point uses advanced camera technology, targets and software to uncover any vehicle alignment issues, allowing users to perform an accurate ADAS calibration. Among the new features included with software update 1.8.0 are:

  • Initial remote scanner vendor integration
  • Target subscription expiration message on the home page
  • Activation on first boot and network connection
  • Send messages and promotions to the home page
  • Add pointer target measurements to manual mode
  • Customer information is now available on the menu after selecting a vehicle

Tru-Point performs a check of the ADAS-related wheel alignment values and closely monitors each step of the setup procedure, ensuring that OEM safety specifications have been met before an ADAS calibration is performed.

By eliminating manual measurements with advanced camera technology, technicians can ensure that everything is placed correctly and that the system will automatically compensate for the location of the vehicle. A comprehensive report provides documentation that the technician has executed all steps required for an accurate calibration.

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