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Mudlick Marketing becomes UpSwell – a full-service, data-driven marketing agency

Kennesaw, Ga.—Mudlick Marketing has rebranded as UpSwell, offering clients an expanded range of services designed to draw a “wave” of new customers, said UpSwell President Tim Ross. The full-service agency will offer a wide array of digital and print capabilities for small and medium-sized businesses.

UpSwell will also continue to build on the reputation Mudlick established as a marketing leader in the automotive repair industry.

Together, the two firms have more than 12 years of marketing experience serving more than 10,000 clients and executing more than 150,000 campaigns that have helped clients acquire over 10 million new customers and counting.

“We know business owners often don’t have the time or knowledge to market effectively. With our experience and new capabilities, we’re here to fill that gap and provide our clients with the tools they need to generate and retain more members,” Ross said.

UpSwell will provide a more comprehensive, data-driven approach to marketing, with the ability to handle all aspects of marketing on multiple platforms, he added. The agency can now manage everything from SEO, to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to website design and hosting and reputation management.

UpSwell will also offer enhanced data analytics powered by artificial intelligence. The hyper-local focus Mudlick was known for will remain intact to ensure that clients can effectively target the consumers most likely to become customers.

“We have spent years researching and data mining to establish a process that is specifically designed to drive customers into local businesses,” said Jon Butts, UpSwell’s senior vice president of Marketing.

UpSwell recently completed a significant investment to build a new data warehouse, to not only help with targeting but to also enable improved tracking and reporting tools to help clients monitor their success and optimize their marketing budgets, Butts said. Clients will also have access to a user-friendly portal where they can manage campaigns, check analytics and make payments.

In addition to Ross and Butts, UpSwell’s management team will include Zenon Olbrys, who will serve as CEO – a role he also filled at Mudlick Marketing.

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