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Freedom Solar Power and Group 1 Automotive achieve solar panel installation milestone

Approximately 10,000 panels have been installed at select Group 1 dealerships across the U.S.

Austin, Texas—Austin-based Freedom Solar Power has announced its customer Group 1 Automotive has successfully installed approximately 10,000 solar panels at multiple U.S. stores.

Group 1 Automotive is committed to mitigating the environmental impact of its operations at the corporate and dealership levels. The centerpiece of this effort is the implementation of solar energy within the Group 1 portfolio. Transitioning to solar power supplements the energy needs of its dealerships, achieves significant cost savings, and creates a more sustainable operational footprint.

“Group 1 is a premier, global, publicly traded automotive retailer and we are honored to work with them to implement their dynamic solar program,” said Freedom Solar Power Head of Commercial Sales Kyle Frazier. “For years we have worked with automotive dealerships across the nation to help make their businesses more energy– and cost–efficient. This alliance with Group 1 will multiply the effects of our efforts many times over.”

Group 1 is scheduled to complete installations at a total of 25 sites by the end 2024. The installation of more than 10,000 solar panels at select Group 1 stores has generated more than 7.3 million kilowatt hours (KWh) of power to date.

“Group 1 is continually improving our business operations while we work to achieve our long-term sustainability goals,” said Gregg Wintner, Group 1 Vice President, Procurement & Facility Services. “Freedom Solar Power has been an instrumental partner in implementing our solar initiatives. Together, we are delivering on our company’s commitment to scaling renewable energy solutions across our portfolio.”

Freedom Solar Power National Automotive Manager Ryan Ferrero added, “Going solar is rapidly becoming a movement in the automotive industry. Dealerships often have ample roof areas to accommodate solar arrays powerful enough to offset a large percentage of their energy costs. The more auto dealers learn about solar power, the more they see it as an effective environmental, social and business strategy that is a win–win.”

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), energy costs can be a dealership’s third-highest operating expense due to long operating hours and energy-intensive showrooms and lots. Many dealers are turning to solar to mitigate their high energy expenditures and ensure electricity reliability. Switching to solar power also demonstrates the dealership’s commitment to environmental sustainability, which is appreciated by an increasingly large segment of the public.

Freedom Solar works directly with automotive manufacturers supporting solar installations for their franchised dealers that carry Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, Hyundai/Genesis, and Porsche.

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