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Check engine car repair costs lowest in Maine, highest in Connecticut

Drivers in Michigan paid the least on average for car parts ($211.26), but this is up nearly 5% from a year ago

Irvine, Calif.— Corporation has released its annual state ranking of check engine light- related car repair costs, which finds vehicle owners in Connecticut paid the most ($418) and Maine the least ($349) for repairs during calendar year 2021.

Rounding out the five most affordable states for car repair after Maine were Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin — all located in the Midwest. After Connecticut, the states/districts needing the most expensive car repairs were Colorado, California, District of Columbia and Georgia. The most frequently diagnosed repair in all five of the states with the highest average repair costs was “replace catalytic converter.” Costly parts that contain precious metals, catalytic converters do not typically fail unless maintenance and other repairs such as a faulty oxygen sensor or ignition coil are ignored, or a vehicle has high mileage.

“Several factors contribute to a state’s average repair costs, including vehicle year, make and model, the repair difficulty and associated parts cost,” said David Rich, technical director, CarMD. “It makes sense that as people hold onto their vehicles longer than ever before, cars and trucks start to outlast their parts and need more costly repairs. Staying current on maintenance can help vehicle owners reduce surprise car repair bills, while fixing check engine light problems quickly can improve fuel economy and reduce the likelihood of additional repairs down the road.”

CarMD’s ranking of the five states/districts with the highest car repair costs in 2021:

  1. Connecticut, $418.37
  2. Colorado, $417.14
  3. California, $415.66
  4. District of Columbia, $411.00
  5. Georgia, $407.71

CarMD’s ranking of the five states with the lowest car repair costs in 2021:

  1. Wisconsin,$361.11
  2. Iowa,$359.96
  3. Michigan,$356.29
  4. Ohio,$353.76
  5. Maine,$349.25

Labor Costs: For the sixth consecutive year, Vermont had the lowest average labor cost ($127.15) for check engine-light related repairs. This is not surprising since the most common reason for the check engine light on Vermont vehicles is an affordable fix to tighten or replace a loose or missing gas cap, which reflects on the average repair cost. For the fourth year in a row, drivers in Mississippi paid the most on average for labor ($151.67), where the most common repair was to replace ignition coils and spark plugs. The type of repair, how long the repair will take, what the shop charges per hour, and whether a vehicle owner opts to do it or have it repaired by a professional automotive technician, all factor into average labor costs for a car repair.

Parts Costs: With supply chain issues impacting new vehicle availability and average vehicle age reaching an all-time high, parts costs have increased with higher-ticket repairs needed as cars outlast their parts. Not surprisingly, drivers in Michigan, home to “Motor City,” paid the least on average for car parts ($211.26), but this is up nearly 5% from a year ago. This past year, drivers in Connecticut paid the most on average for parts ($281.53). The type of vehicle, type of repair and whether original equipment (OE) parts are used factor into average parts cost.

CarMD’s state ranking of repair costs was derived from analysis of more than 17 million repairs identified for model year 1996 to 2022 vehicles whose drivers sought guidance for a check engine light issue from Jan. 1, 2021 through Dec. 31, 2021. All 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, are represented in this index. The repairs are related to a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD2) system, which is standard on all cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids manufactured since 1996. It monitors emissions-related systems within a vehicle, triggering the check engine light when a problem occurs. CarMD does not report on problems that are outside the scope of a vehicle’s OBD2 computer monitoring such as tires, and mechanical parts like belts and hoses.

RankStateAvg. Labor CostAvg. Parts CostAvg. Repair Cost (Parts & Labor)Change in Rank from 2020
1Connecticut$136.84$281.53$418.37up from no. 2
2Colorado$148.66$268.48$417.14up from no. 3
3California$144.56$271.10$415.66down from no. 1
4District of Columbia$141.00$270.00$411.00no change
5Georgia$145.34$262.37$407.71up from no. 6
6North Carolina$144.65$257.96$402.61up from no. 11
7Utah$142.93$258.72$401.65down from no. 5
8Virginia$143.25$257.92$401.17up from no. 10
9New Jersey$138.50$261.11$399.61down from no. 7
10Alabama$149.58$249.75$399.33up from no. 12
11Tennessee$146.80$252.31$399.11down from no. 9
12Maryland$141.30$257.77$399.07up from no. 17
13Nevada$138.58$259.68$398.26up from no. 40
14Wyoming$151.18$246.61$397.79up from no. 21
15Texas$145.86$251.67$397.53down from no. 14
16Florida$142.74$253.55$396.29up from no. 24
17South Carolina$146.75$249.08$395.83up from no. 19
18Mississippi$151.67$242.36$394.03down from no. 15
19Oregon$139.62$254.32$393.94down from no. 16
20New Mexico$145.82$246.71$392.53down from no. 18
21Washington$142.59$249.87$392.46down from no. 13
22Delaware$142.15$248.74$390.89up from no. 25
23Montana$147.28$242.56$389.84down from no. 8
24Idaho$143.84$245.21$389.05up from no. 26
25Arizona$138.78$250.14$388.92down from no. 23
26Louisiana$149.34$239.32$388.66down from no. 20
27Alaska$148.66$238.39$387.05up from no. 37
28Rhode Island$131.61$255.32$386.93up from no. 30
29New York$135.19$251.36$386.55up from no. 36
30Massachusetts$132.83$253.37$386.20down from no. 27
31Kentucky$146.21$238.55$384.76down from no. 22
32Pennsylvania$139.66$244.67$384.33down from no. 29
33West Virginia$143.25$240.23$383.48down from no. 32
34Arkansas$148.10$234.51$382.61down from no. 31
35Hawaii$136.74$244.49$381.23up from no. 45
36Oklahoma$147.81$231.96$379.77down from no. 28
37Illinois$140.89$238.34$379.23up from no. 38
38Missouri$146.49$232.36$378.85down from no. 34
39Minnesota$146.02$231.66$377.68up from no. 42
40South Dakota$147.27$230.37$377.64down from no. 33
41Nebraska$147.41$227.12$374.53down from no. 35
42Vermont$127.15$247.30$374.45up from no. 44
43Kansas$146.87$227.57$374.44down from no. 39
44New Hampshire$131.38$239.41$370.79up from no. 43
45Indiana$143.46$221.30$364.76up from no. 47
46North Dakota$145.66$218.96$364.62down from no. 41
47Wisconsin$138.95$222.16$361.11up from no. 49
48Iowa$145.96$214.00$359.96down from no. 46
49Michigan$145.03$211.26$356.29down from no. 48
50Ohio$136.07$217.69$353.76up from no. 51
51Maine$135.35$213.90$349.25down from no. 50

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