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SKF Lincoln launches new gear oil dispensing units

The MV7455 hand powered dispenser is ideal for mobile technicians and uses compressed air for quick fluid handling

St. Louis—SKF Lincoln has introduced the new Mityvac MV7454 and the MV7455 gear oil dispensing units for use in various industries including automotive, agriculture, construction, machinery repair, maintenance facilities and industrial fluid handling.

The first-of-its-kind in the market, the gear oil handling systems utilize compressed air for quick, efficient, and clean fluid handling.

• Economical: cost savings by purchasing fluids in bulk.

• Environmentally friendly: No chemical propellants and refilling from bulk containers reduces used fluid waste in refuse stream.

Additional bottles that include the hose and sealing lid can add to the fluids managed with low cost. The MV7455 hand powered dispenser is ideal for mobile technicians or home DIYers.

The larger flow path of these units makes them ideal for higher rate refill operations with compatible fluids. The lids powering the gear oil system interchange with other Mityvac MV6400 and MV7100 products. With the correct accessories, these units provide the equipment necessary for simple fluid exchanges to pressure bleeding brakes, automatic transmission fluid services, cooling system air-evacuation and refill, pre-lubricating engines, hydraulic system prefill and low-pressure testing can all be accomplished.

Jeff Craig, Product Manager of Tools and Equipment at SKF Lincoln, also noted all the efficiencies and uses of the new dispensing units: “Beyond the above mentioned, there are several prominent features make these units superior to other systems. There is no pump to clean since air pressure moves the fluid and this reduces the risk of cross contamination. With a tough, lightweight bottle and one hand operation of the flow control make easy work of difficult to reach applications. Designed for fluids in normal shop temperatures, these units can handle fluid temps up to 175 degrees F. We know the simple operation and rugged construction will make for a better experience for anyone in the workplace or at home.”

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