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New website helps parts pros identify fraudulent warranty claims

AASA warns that as more high-tech sensors are sold, it will become increasing important to reduce fraudulent claims

Research Triangle Park, N.C.—The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), in coordination with several key suppliers, has announced the launch of, a website designed to help give parts professionals information and tips on how to identify and reduce fraudulent warranty claims.  

It has been estimated that fraudulent warranty returns cost auto parts stores over $600 million annually. The items returned for credit include worn OE parts, bricks, and other items meant to simply fill the box, as well as parts that were damaged during installation. As more high-tech sensors are sold and as the cost of auto parts continues to rise, it will become increasingly important to reduce fraudulent claims.  

The website’s goal is to educate parts professionals on how to recognize and stop fraudulent returns, as well as provide a portal to report fraudulent returns. Parts professionals can also earn Check the Part-branded items for reporting examples of fraudulent claims through the submission portal. 

The Check the Part Initiative was created by a group of manufacturers who want to help the industry address this widespread problem. The committee is comprised of members from Standard Motor Products, Dorman Products, KYB, MPA, Mevotech, MotoRad of America, and FDP Brakes. Check the Part has also been supported and endorsed by the AASA and the Auto Care Association.  

The website promotes three simple steps to help reduce fraudulent claims: 

  1. Open the box and confirm the part is the same type of part that is described on the box and paperwork.
  2. Confirm the brand of the part matches the brand on the box.
  3. If the part is brand new and was never installed, it can be returned, but it should not be processed as a warranty.

Learn more about this initiative at

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