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New kit refurbishes Power Stroke 6.7L Fuel Injector seats in 15 seconds

Tool restores the seat’s seal and maintains cylinder head compression and engine performance in this new service for repair shop customers

Pittsburgh—ProMAXX Tool by Milton’s new Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Fuel Injector Seat Restorer Service ProKit (model name “Robby”) lets automotive technicians quickly remove stuck fuel injectors and easily refurbish the fuel injector seat in the 6.7L cylinder head.

The Robby tool restores the seat’s seal in approximately 15 seconds, maintaining cylinder head compression and engine performance. This tool combo kit allows repair shops to offer a new service to their customers. See the Robby in action:

Why is the new Robby tool different? The 6.7L fuel injector seat becomes damaged by hot carbon exhaust particulates that are pushed into the fuel injector cavity, building up and scoring the fuel injector seat. “Robby removes carbon deposits and restores the seat to factory new,” said ProMAXX Tool Founder Jeffrey Del Rossa. “Current fuel injector seat cleaning methods use a thin, brass wire bristle brush which can only remove dust particulates, not restore the seat — this tool is a game changer.”

Additionally, the new kit includes the PowerPull 6.7L Fuel Injector Removal Kit, which pops stuck fuel injectors twice as fast as any other puller on the market. How? Because it does not bolt and unbolt from the cylinder head. This can cut repair times by up to 50 percent, boosting technician productivity.

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