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Clore Automotive introduces next-generation 12-volt jump starter

The JNC345 from Jump-N-Carry is a versatile shop tool with starting tasks for numerous automotive applications

Overland Park, Kan.—Clore Automotive has introduced its next-generation Model No. JNC345, 12-Volt Jump Starter and Power Supply, from Jump-N-Carry.

The JNC345 is an ideal shop tool, combining robust jump-starting power with numerous features that deliver utility and convenience, including high performance starting capability, long 40” cable reach with full-size clamps, 12-volt power supply capability, an LED work light and UL2743 compliance for operator and equipment safety.

The JNC345’s high-starting capacity makes it a great option for larger vehicles, extreme cold weather starting and starting longer cranking vehicles, such as diesel starting. Delivering 550 Start Assist Amps of starting power, the JNC345 can tackle a wide variety of starting tasks in numerous application environments, including automotive, marine, light truck, agricultural and fleet starting.

It can start most V8 engines up to 10L gas engines and 10L diesel engines. It also features the ability to jump start totally dead (0.0V) batteries—simply confirm there’s a proper connection and press and hold the override button to force the unit on.

The JNC345 incorporates numerous features to make jump starting safer for the operator and vehicle being serviced, including reverse polarity protection, backfeed protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection. It is certified as complaint with the UL2743 lithium jump starter safety regulation.

The JNC345 features two USB outlets to power small electronics. Also included is a 12-volt female adapter, allowing the JNC345 to power 12-volt accessories from its DC outlet or be used as a memory saver when changing out a vehicle starting battery.

Included is a wall charger with USB-C charging cord and its automatic charging routine. The unit comes packaged in a pouch for safe, easy transport and storage.

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