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EpicVIN offers new partnership and free advertising to auto repair shops

Shops now have an exclusive opportunity to enrich their clients base and get free advertising by providing their vehicles’ maintenance and repair history

North Miami, Beach, Fla.—EpicVIN has launched new partnerships with repair shops across the country and is providing free advertising for them with an opportunity to get more clients and expand their audience.

Here’s how it works: EpicVIN is calling on auto repair shops nationwide to join the new program and supply maintenance and repair records for the vehicles they service. By doing so, EpicVIN provides comprehensive data for their clients, and the auto repair service will be rewarded with a spotlight in the report as a trusted partner with an advertisement and direct link to the shop, which will guide EpicVIN customers straight to an auto repair service’s website.

A vehicle history reports provider, EpicVIN makes sure that used cars buyers have access to a car’s purchase history, its title history, current odometer reading, and any safety recall checks. Equally important is a vehicle’s maintenance and repair history. EpicVIN developed the program to benefit both their clients and their repair shops partners.

EpicVIN will also source its collision repair history from auto body shops across the country, ensuring accurate information is added to the millions of used vehicles already included within the EpicVIN database. A car buyer will be able to view the provided by auto repair shops not only when purchasing a vehicle history report but also when looking up vehicles on EpicVIN’s vehicle listing platform. The platform will now integrate these maintenance history reports containing a direct link to the repair shop with actual listings of used cars.

This means that when a used car buyer is utilizing EpicVIN for a vehicle history report or VIN number check, they’ll also be able to see used cars for sale, dealership contact information, and whether that dealer provides repair services or not. So the body shops that will join the program will, additionally, be able to get clients from working with EpicVIN’s dealers.

The first to join the new program is RepairSmith, a service provider connecting vehicle owners with a network of repair shops. EpicVIN now offers their vehicle maintenance and repair history for customers to review as they look to make a used car purchase, and the reports contain a direct link to RepairSmith’s website.

With a used car market that’s only staying hot as the summer months approach, EpicVIN’s new program offers beneficial partnership to repair shops nationwide. For more information, EpicVIN can be contacted at or 1-954-639-4497.

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