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Dealer and repair facility faces lawsuit for allegedly selling vehicles with major operational issues

Numerous purchased vehicles were unreliable, did not pass inspection, and had serious engine and transmission problems

Harrisburg, Pa.—Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry announced on Wednesday that her office filed a lawsuit against Monroe County-based 390 Auto Group, LLC, a car dealer and repair shop, and its owner for selling vehicles without disclosing that the vehicles had major operational issues.

The suit, filed against 390 Auto and owner Elias Baladi, alleged the dealership advertised and deceived consumers into believing that they were purchasing “quality automobiles at the best price possible.” In reality, numerous purchased vehicles were unreliable, did not pass inspection, and had serious engine and transmission problems.

Dealerships are required to disclose issues with vehicles, even if they are sold “as is.” Pennsylvania law prohibits dealers from selling cars they knew, or should have known, had major problems.

The lawsuit calls on the court to order the defendants to:

  • Pay restitution to all consumers who have suffered losses.
  • Permanently prohibit 390 Auto from selling motor vehicles in Pennsylvania.
  • Pay civil penalties of $1,000 for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law and $3,000 for each violation involving a consumer age 60 or older.

390 Auto Group also allegedly made misrepresentations about the availability of vehicles and failed to utilize compliant written agreements.

Dealerships are required to disclose, prior to the sale, the conditions of the vehicle being sold. This includes, but is not limited to, if the dealer is aware that the vehicle offered for sale cannot pass state inspection or has engine or transmission problems, among other things.

Repair facilities, dealers, or anyone else who may have information regarding the alleged business practices of 390 Auto Group or Elias Baladi should also contact the Bureau.

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