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AutoTechIQ and Transformers Institute join forces

Starting Jan. 10, the partnership will deliver hands-on training to maximize Digital Vehicle Inspection tools to enhance work approval rates

Santa Barbara, Calif.—AutoTechIQ, the only online directory of transparency-focused auto repair shops, has announced a partnership with automotive trainer and educator Transformers Institute. This partnership offers a DVI-Process training program for shop owners and their service advisors to hone their skills using their existing DVI tools.

Starting Jan. 10, this hands-on training is designed to maximize the effectiveness of Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) tools to significantly enhance work approval rates. The program also includes an AfterCare program, which ensures the consistent application of the skills and knowledge gained from the course. 

The Transformers Institute endorses using any DVI tool to elevate the inspection process. DVIs have been shown to boost customer approval by at least 20%-30%, marking a significant leap in revenue potential. However, when applying a more comprehensive process from vehicle drop-off to pick-up, the potential of increasing the approval rate is higher.

The training by AutoTechIQ and Transformers Institute aims to leverage the modern Digital Buying Process that fosters transparency to empower consumers.

Greg Bunch, CEO of Transformers Institute, emphasized the vision, “Our goal at Transformers is to elevate shops to their peak performance. The collaboration with AutoTechIQ enhances our mission, providing our shop owners with the additional knowledge and tools to lead the industry.”

Frank Scandura, VP of Certified Shop Relations at AutoTechIQ, Transformers Coach, and owner of Franks European Service, shared his experience, “As an early adopter of DVI tools, I’ve seen the untapped potential firsthand. The partnership between AutoTechIQ and Transformers Institute is pivotal in educating shop owners to fully utilize these tools for substantial gains.”

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