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This week on Remarkable Results Radio

The free podcast is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives share their success stories

Springville, N.Y.—Carm Capriotto connects aftermarket professionals and Remarkable Results Radio is where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives, among others, share their success stories.

The following free podcasts are new and available this week:

The Power of EOS: 2 Day Leadership Meeting [RR 719]

My panel, back to discuss the Entrepreneurial Operating System and their annual 2-day meeting. If you are longing to create leaders throughout your company, please follow every episode we’ve done on EOS so you can appreciate the strategy, system, and process of EOS. My shop owner panel has never been so excited and rewarded for having implemented the EOS model. They discuss their 2-day annual meeting with their leadership teams and the powerful team and leadership building that was a result of their annual 2-day. This gives you a glimpse of what is to come for you if you get on board with EOS.

The key talking points for this episode reside at

The Leap From Employment to Ownership [THA 263]

100% of business owners leave their business, either by design or due to unfortunate circumstances. The dialogue between the owner and potential successor needs to happen as soon as possible. But how do you start that conversation as an employee? In this episode, we role-play that discussion with Bob Ward, financial advisor and consultant from Wardden LLC. We also hear from James Maurer, a former service advisor and now an owner in transition, and Craig Tice, a 20-year technician looking to become a business owner. Let this episode be your blueprint to get the ball rolling.

Watch the video or listen to as a podcast at

Practicing Automotive with Heipp, Fanslow and Manna [RR 720]

There’s nothing like hitting the record button and letting Bob Heipp, Matt Fanslow and Scot Mana have a wide open discussion about the automotive industry. What does it take to really fix cars? Are we doing a good job explaining it to our customers? How do other industries compare to ours? Should we really be using the term ‘diagnosing’ when what we are doing is performing tests and analyzing? My panel continues to advance the aftermarket, with great talk that will make you think.

The key talking points for this episode can be found on the website

Independents Meet Monthly: Bonus- Meet Tom’s Intern [AW 093]

Guest Host and shop tour with Tom Sciortino, Total Automotive, Buffalo, NY discusses a once a month meeting with local independent automotive shops and vendors. Bonus: Meet his intern Jaye Mack from the Big Picture Program.

Watch the video or listen as a podcast at

Tom’s Trends: Price Increases [CC 104]

Tom brings some interesting trends he’s collected from surveying aftermarket professionals. We’re jawing about paying attention to gross margin and inflation. He’s got stats to support his concerns.

Watch the video or listen as a podcast at

Dutch Silverstein: Straight Talk to Technicians

Listen as a podcast at

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