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Innova launches OE-level diagnostic tablets with Wi-Fi enabled access to RepairSolutionsPRO app

Pro-level features maximize OBD2 and OEM diagnostics to save techs time, improves customer communication

Irvine, Calif.—Innova Electronics Corporation has announced the launch of its OE-level professional Smart Diagnostic System (SDS) Tablets and RepairSolutionsPRO app.

Part of Innova’s new line of professional automotive solutions, the smart tablet tools and app deliver pro-level features and functions that maximize the diagnostic process, save automotive technicians time, and improve shops’ communication with their customers.

This is the first Innova line designed specifically for professional automotive repair use. It was created with input from ASE Certified technicians, automotive repair students, longtime Innova customers and insight from shop visits with a goal to revolutionize the diagnostic process.

“Today’s entry-level techs have grown up with smartphones and tablets; they want everything in the palm of their hands on a touch screen device,” said Keith Andreasen, Innova’s Tool Product Manager. “We created this line of OE-level diagnostic tablets and paired them with our unrivaled RepairSolutionsPRO app to deliver Innova’s ease-of-use and time-saving knowledgebase of diagnostic information, service and maintenance solutions. We offer it in a format a younger generation of techs understand while continuing to deliver the features, functions, affordability and unmatched support the industry has long entrusted to Innova.”

Created for Technicians

At launch, the line features three competitively priced, professional tablet tools, including the Innova SDS43, SDS50 and revamped SDS7111. The SDS43 and SDS50 are the only affordable OE-level tablets on the market that don’t rely on the Android platform — dramatically improving their performance and speed.

Each tablet works on all 1996 to current model vehicles, including battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), to deliver a single form factor to make it easier for technicians to efficiently find and fix problems on today’s vehicles. The ergonomic one-hand design and rugged rubber exterior make the tablets ideal for shop environments.

Once connected to a vehicle, the tablets auto-decode the VIN and offer OBD2 and OEM diagnostic pathways. Each has Innova’s patented all-in-one display featuring 30+ pieces of information on a single screen with guided diagnostics to help techs find the problem faster with less time scrolling through menus.

Unlike any other tablet tool line, the SDS tablets include premium access to Innova’s knowledgebase, featuring more than 100 million vehicle fixes verified for accuracy by ASE Certified master technicians. The 7111 has RepairSolutionsPRO embedded, and the new SDS43 and SDS50 tablets have Wi-Fi-enabled access to the RepairSolutionsPRO app; greatly expanding their ability for shop-level diagnostic repair and reporting.

SDS43 / INNOVA SDS Inspector

The Innova SDS Inspector is a great entry-level professional diagnostic tool that’s also ideal for budget-conscious automotive repair techs who demand speed, accuracy and proven reliability.

It provides near instantaneous boot times with fast access to the information that matters most. Its intuitive user interface and streamlined workflow make it easy to use, while its rugged design ensures reliable performance in tough conditions.

Whether you’re diagnosing emissions-related issues on a daily basis or dealing with challenging diagnostic issues, it is the tool you can trust to get the job done quickly and accurately. This technician-tested device offers a 4.3″ display, durable rubber guard, drop-tested durability and a one-handed ergonomic design with an adjustable hand strap for optimal comfort. Read and clear OBD2 and OEM fault codes including advanced OEM diagnostics with pre- and post-diagnostic reporting with side-by-side comparison before and after repairs (ideal for collision).

It also features workshop tools with 12 of the most popular resets, relearns, calibrations, routines, and vehicle inspections such as battery reset, EPB reset, oil maintenance reset, TPMS relearn, ABS bleeding, transmission reset, etc. The MSRP for the SDS43 is $319.99. It is now available at AutoZone. For more information, watch a quick product YouTube video here.


The SDS50 provides techs with Innova’s renowned all-in-one OBD2 diagnostics plus OEM diagnostics for professional technicians seeking advanced powertrain diagnostics. Its drop-tested 5″ touchscreen is ideal for shop environments. Its technician-designed interface focuses on speed and effortless navigation through Innova’s patented software featuring OEM-licensed data.

The tablet is equipped with bi-directional active tests and special functions to access Engine, Transmission, Anti-Lock Brakes, Air Bags, and TPMS control modules for the top seven vehicle brands (Ford, GM, Toyota, Fiat/Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia). It also includes workshop tools with easy access to 16 of the most popular resets, relearns, routines, calibrations and vehicle inspections, such as oil maintenance reset, battery reset, EPB reset, TPMS relearn, ABS bleeding, transmission reset, etc. The MSRP for the SDS50 is $419.99. It is now available at AutoZone. For more information, watch a product video with this YouTube link.

SDS 7111 / INNOVA Smart Diagnostic System Tablet (Updated)

Rounding out Innova’s line of professional smart diagnostic tablets is the award-winning 7111. Originally launched in 2020, this bidirectional scan tool tablet has been completely revamped.

Innova has improved its link time by 50%, overhauled its user interface to quickly access OBD2 and OEM diagnostics functions, and added features and functions optimized to help a technician diagnose and service more vehicles in a repair environment. Its new OEM diagnostic functions allow instant access to vehicle systems with the ability to select a system such as adaptive cruise control or ABS for further diagnostics.

View, graph, record, playback data for engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, TPMS. Perform dealership-level bi-directional controls, routines, self-tests and calibrations. Workshop tools were expanded to offer easy access to more than 30 of the most essential functions used daily such as ABS bleeding, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) reset, injector coding, maintenance reset, etc. For current 7111 owners, a simple firmware and software update provides all these great features at no extra charge.

The MSRP for the 7111 Smart Diagnostic System is $705.87. A popular tablet that frequently sells out, it is currently available at AutoZone and O’Reilly Auto Parts, and will be available at other retail locations moving forward. For more information, visit here or see a quick product YouTube video here.

All of Innova’s SDS tablet tools are available at AutoZone now, with additional retail locations expected to carry them later this year.


Both the SDS43 and SDS50 enable fixes for DTCs with associated repair tips directly on the tool, as well as detailed report sharing through the companion app, powered by RepairSolutionsPRO.

To access all possible features and functions, including the most comprehensive automotive repair database with verified fixes, repair tips, TSBs, parts/tools, schedule maintenance, and predictive repairs from ASE Certified master technicians, SDS tablet users will be prompted to download the free RepairSolutionsPRO app and pair it with their tablet.

In addition to unlocking valuable fix insight, the RSPRO app enables the user to generate three different types of reports, including 1) Diagnostic Report focused on helping the tech solve the problem, 2) Collision Industry Report and 3) Service Writer / Service Manager Customer facing report to ease communication with the customer, upsell maintenance, obtain authorization and provide collision shops with pre- and post-scan capabilities.

The RepairSolutionsPRO companion app is available from the Google Play and Apple App stores, as well as through a QR code prompt on the SDS tablet tools. See the RepairSolutionsPRO video here

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